Making what’s

hidden visible.

We take a holistic and highly personalized approach to our coaching practice. We are anchored in the belief that within you already exists the power to find the answers and direction you seek. Through our partnership, we develop greater self-awareness and leadership results.

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Our approach to coaching is highly integrative. 
When you work with us expect to:

Utilize generative and evidence based coaching techniques to unlock accelerated growth.

Leverage the power of neuroplasticity to enhance peak performance and mental fitness.

Explore the science of individuality to optimize energy and impact.

Assess personality preferences and leadership aptitude to derive insights,

Assess personality preferences and leadership aptitude to derive insights.

In other words: 
  • We ask kick-ass questions.
  • We bust the bullshit in your head. 
  • We believe you are designed for abundance. 
  • We don't love psychometric assessments but sometimes they help. 
  • We're legit.

Our packages vary in duration and intensity. 
Here's how we work: 

Coaching Fit

Discovery call to determine compatibility and coaching experience.

Coaching Contract

Threshold identification and core values discovery session.

Co-creating results

Generative coaching conversations to unlock growth.

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your new executive coach.

Prior to following her passion, she was a highly sought-after dynamic C-Suite executive and award-winning marketer with a career spanning 20 years at GE, most notably as the Global Chief Marketing Officer of GE Capital. She has held leadership roles in both B2B and DTC companies and prior to leaving corporate, served as the Chief Growth Officer for an integrated media agency.

She is known for her storytelling skills, growth hacking, experiential design, high energy and passion for people. She has an insatiable curiosity and will probably make you laugh about her adventures as an “accidental farmer”.

She is ACC certified by the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach. She is a Lumina Spark practitioner and is committed to sustaining the quality of her practice through ongoing professional development. Courtney is currently an student at the International Human Design School and Generative Knowledge Institute.

She fondly refers to the Berkshires as “a lifestyle not a location” where she lives with her husband and two children.

What our clients have to say. 

I knew I needed support, but wasn't exactly sure what. Asking for help can be a vulnerable place. I was taking on more leadership responsibility and beginning to hit multiple hurdles. Courtney, with her extensive executive experience and desire to evaluate coaching fit, made me feel immediately comfortable. We have been working together 1:1 for over a year and I have grown significantly through our coaching conversations. Harnessing my core values has been a total game changer. 

Kian Siabi
Managing Director 
Making Moves London

"Working with Courtney and the Beacon Collective since mid-2022 has been transformative. Her unique coaching approach combines self-awareness exercises, reality-facing strategies, and insightful guidance, fostering personal growth and happiness aligned with my values. Courtney's skill in facilitating 'aha-moments' has been pivotal in my progress. I deeply value our ongoing relationship and look forward to its future"


-Stephan Neil Leeds
Co-founder, Career Genie

"Most people are on a journey - a better self, a better career, a better parent - you name it. What is great about Courtney is that no matter where you are on that journey, she will meet you, educate you in new ways, and transform what you thought you already knew. So regardless if you have an interview with a top 100 nonprofit or if have been rejected for 8th or 9th time, Courtney brings a freshness of knowledge that you didn't know was available to you or would help you so dramatically."

-Mimi Carter  
Vice President of Communications & Marketing, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation